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501 Seventh Avenue
Security Theft Response Protocol

When Security is notified of an alleged theft from a tenant's suite:

  • Building Management will be contacted to commence a preliminary investigation
    • Building Management will respond to the reporting tenant's workplace/place of occurrence
      • Obtain details from person reporting alleged theft
      • Conduct a canvass of the immediate area for any potential supporting evidence
      • Provide complaint with local precinct contact information, if needed
        • Mid-Town Precinct South
          357 West 35th Street
          New York, N.Y. 10001
        • 212-239-9811
    • Conduct a thorough CCTV canvass if warranted
      • CCTV canvass will include but not limited to
        • Entire lobby (entrances/exits)
        • Elevators
        • Loading dock
        • Exterior
  • Notify ESRT Director of Security or his designee via telephone and/or email
    • Facts of alleged incident
      • Preliminary findings, if any
    • Forward copy of Security Incident Report
  • Notification to:
    • Property Manager
    • Assistant Property Manager
    • Portfolio Manager
    • ESRT Director of Security