501 Seventh Avenue
Building Access

Security Cards

Each employee is required to use a security card to access the building at all times. New tenants will be provided card and any additional or replacement cards via our Security Provider - Kastle Systems via www.Kastle.com or at 212-824-3800.

Requests for security cards should be submitted via the on-line work order system. Personnel headshots can be upload via admin access in Kastle Systems or by arranging with building management. Photos are visible by the Building/ Security personnel at the Security/ Concierge desk upon accessing the reader panel when entering the building.

To ensure your security as well as that of other tenants, we ask that security access cards be returned to the management office for individuals no longer in your employ. Also, by calling or using the admin access on Kastle Systems you can have these individuals deleted from the system.

Please note: if you need to arrange access to your suite for visitors once you have moved in, please use the Visitor Management System (VMS) to register your visitors and guests by either calling or emailing the lobby concierge desk. To gain access to this system, you must first obtain your Kastle ID badge.

Click here to download a Building Pass Form.


All incoming vendors must provide a certificate of insurance (COI) prior to entering the building. Please be sure to follow the description of operations and certificate holder language.

Please submit the COI to property management with enough anticipation to the service date, to ensure COI compliancy.

Please email a copy of the COI to the Management Office at least 24 hours in advance, to be assured for compliancy.

Any construction or renovation work requires landlord approval before work can commence. Work is to be performed by landlord approved union contractors and those contractors must carry an umbrella liability and workers compensation insurance.

Click here to view the procedures for access into the building.

Click here to view vendor insurance sample.