501 Seventh Avenue
Moving and Delivery Guidelines

Please contact the Real Estate Manager at least two weeks prior to your expected move so that the proper arrangements can be made, including freight elevator scheduling. Two (2) weeks prior to any move out of the building, a check (preferably certified) in the amount of $750.00 Ten (10) hours of freight elevator use at $75.00 per hour) payable to 501 7th Avenue Associates, must be submitted to the Building Office. A Work Order ticket will be issued at the inception of the move, and will record the duration of the job. A refund check (or credit to your rent account) for duration of less that ten hours will be issued by 501 7th Avenue Associates. Conversely any jobs in excess of eight hours will be billed accordingly, at the pre described hourly rate of $75.00 per hour.


  1. All moving will be via the freight entrance/exit level and all furniture and equipment must be brought to your floors via the freight elevator.
  2. All moving projects will be conducted after hours or on weekends.
  3. You will be billed for overtime use of the freight elevator.
  4. The freight elevator must be reserved in advance through the Building Office.
  5. Moving companies must furnish the Building Management Office with an appropriate certificate of insurance prior to moving. All moving companies must be approved in advance by the Real Estate Manager.
  6. Moving companies are responsible for providing protection to affected areas (floors, walls, etc.), Masonite on all surfaces must be utilized.
  7. You are fully responsible for your moving company with respect to damage, labor status, and associated charges.
  8. All tenants must provide a personal contact list with corresponding phone numbers to be contacted in case of an emergency (fire, flood, etc.)
  9. All Tenants are required to provide a forwarding address, telephone number, and contact person's name.